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Does Coffee Have Major Health Benefits? Am I Immortal Now!?

Posted by Brandon Pasa on

Is Coffee Really Good For Me?  Am I Actually Immortal Now?


I have some great news for all of you who have dreamed of the day when you no longer had to worry about drinking too much coffee! Let me enlighten you to the fact that coffee is actually really good for your health, possibly even helping you live longer!  Now before you go base jumping with only a cup of coffee and no chute, or really before you go base jumping at all (it is “illegal” without permission so don’t break the law) because it might just mean you are a bit certifiable if you know what I mean, that is not what I am talking about.  I am talking about all the stuff on the inside such as all the pipes and hoses and wires that make you work and run properly so you can attempt to become certifiable if you choose, I am not encouraging this (don’t try crazy stuff at home, it’s crazy)!  That’s right, the cardiovascular and nervous systems benefit greatly from 3-5 cups of coffee a day!  I want you to notice I said CUPS not CARAFES (a fancy way of saying a pot of coffee, I’m trying to up my cool factor)!  For some  3-5 cups is a lot but for others you may want to dial it back and drink some water as well, we are not getting into the “Coffee counts as water” debate because nobody actually knows the correct answer.


Anyway, back to it and the wonderful world of getting healthier with coffee!  Coffee is loaded with a huge variety of compounds that do remain stable during the roasting and brewing process that are great for your health.  Coffee is loaded with antioxidants as well as caffeine!  I know, you didn’t see that last one coming.  As I have said in other blog posts, the type of coffee bean that your coffee comes from is actually very important!  At Hidden River Roasters we use and will only ever use 100% Arabica beans which constitute the vast majority of specialty grade coffee beans roasted and consumed.  The other main type is Robusta and well, they taste like burnt rubber and dirt.  I’m not being mean, that is just the facts.  You will mostly find them mixed quietly in blends from larger roasters and some smaller roasters who are either looking for those flavors, a caffeine punch as Robusta has 3x the amount of caffeine as Arabica, or a larger margin.  I am not trying to vilify any reasoning, those are really the only reasons someone would but honestly, I never would use it.  I don’t like it and I really don’t think most people would either if they knew they had a choice.  I have heard many times from people that they absolutely have to drink decaffeinated because their doctor said to, my theory is that their doctor has said this due to the caffeine amount and the effect it could have if it is consumed in too high of a concentration on a ticker that isn’t working as well as it should.  I know that you may think I don’t know what I am talking about by getting into the mind of a doctor but to tell the truth, I am one as well.  I retired from private practice a few years ago to pursue my passion of coffee and changing the world one bean at a time.  Let me add a DISCLAIMER to this:  Just because I am a physician does not mean I am your physician.  If your doctor told you to be careful with coffee then listen to your doctor.  The reason I breach these subjects is so that you can get information to take to your doctor and see what they say in your specific case.  Now that I feel safer that you will always consult with your personal physician before acting on the info I give you let’s continue.


The list of health benefits range from an overall decrease in the mortality risk by 17% (mortality is a fancy term for meeting your maker) simply by drinking 3-5 cups/day!  It is also proven to decrease your risk of Type 2 Diabetes, decrease symptoms in Parkinson’s patients, decrease progress of dementia and Alzheimers, protects the liver, and promotes heart health!  You can’t make this stuff up…legally!  Don’t worry, I’ll list my sources at the bottom so that you can go and actually read the studies and more like them for yourselves.  I love it when people get inspired to dig deeper on topics that bring them joy and improve their lives. I’m not going to go into the specifics of all of these in this post as I honestly hate long winded blogs myself.  Over the next few weeks I’ll dig a little deeper into each and add more as I find them.  I do realize that you are probably reading this hoping for a coffee blog but don’t forget I treated patients for almost 20 years and my love for health has not diminished.  Being able to share my knowledge in both areas is pretty awesome! 


In conclusion, I was so excited to find out that I am now immortal!  I drink a lot of coffee and I love every cup.  There is plenty of room in the immortal coffee club for all y’all!  You can do it with the best coffee in the universe by going to www.hiddenriverroasters.com and placing your order right now!  Have an outstanding day and don’t forget to find your Hidden River!



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