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Our Hidden River Story


We are a family owned company, started on a stove top and driven forward to make the dream of Hidden River Roasters a reality.

Brandon first dreamed of starting a premiere coffee roastery in 2015 after his wife Serene gave him a home coffee roaster for Christmas.  In 2016 after becoming obsessed with roasting coffee at home, the passion for drawing out the delicious flavors held within coffee beans could no longer be contained.  Brandon decided to start a small side business selling craft roasted specialty grade coffee beans. He purchased a professional grade roaster and built a roast shack in his backyard.

Hidden River Roasters opened its blue door in 2018 to the community of Camas, Washington with one mission, to give the residents of the city the best coffee known to humankind.  Too many people rely on burnt, bitter coffee to get them through the day. Coffee is not just to get one through the day, it is an experience to be enjoyed, one sip is supposed whisk you away to your special place, your Hidden River.

Shortly thereafter we realized that we couldn't just keep the coffee for ourselves, we had to share it with the world, everyone needs to experience their hidden river, so we launched our wholesale division, where anyone at any coffee shop, store, or restaurant could spread the deliciousness of our coffee. Still, this was not enough, so many people wants their own company but being an entrepreneur is hard so we decided to enable entrepreneurs who want either a side job or a main career.  They can with our help start their own coffee company with their own label with little cost, which is why we launched our private label division.

We love what we do and are passionate about roasting the highest grade coffee you can get and never compromising on how we obtain that coffee.  We are certain that the farmers who bring us delicious coffee beans, are well taken care of themselves.