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Hidden River Coffee Club


         The Hidden River Coffee Club, or HRCC is the greatest thing to happen to your morning routine, isn't it annoying when you run out of coffee, especially if you totally don't have a problem with too much of it (It's ok, you're safe here.). Depending on how much you do or don't drink, you can set your frequency of your orders. You can set weekly subscriptions, bi-weekly subscriptions, or even monthly subscriptions, and if you want to gift someone this amazing... gift, you an even buy a 3 month pre-paid subscription for a bag every month. Here at the HRCC we don't want to hamstring you so that's why you always get discounted coffee when you sign up for the coffee club, you can get the best coffee when you want AND you save money, what could be better, well, I have something else. You can edit your order at any time, say you want coarse grind instead of fine, you can change it for your next order, you want it to be whole bean? GREAT! change that too, there isn't much you can't do, we only require 2 orders to go through before cancelation or pausing subscription, if for some reason you would need to cancel it sooner, feel free to email us at info@hiddenriverroasters.com, and we can take care of anything you need. Due to rising costs we will always keep a 15% discount on all of your orders, but the prices may rise, again if you have any questions feel free to email us at info@hiddenriverroasters.com



         But how do I sign up? It's pretty easy, just go to any of our coffees on the shop page click on the coffee you want and select options and grind size, and there you have it, you are your very own member of the HRCC. Now, what are you waiting for? don't keep yourself waiting become a coffee club member today!