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Wholesale and Private Label


Read on to see what you can expect when you work with us:

1) Education

Everything coffee:

We are going to teach you everything we know about process, procedure, how it gets here, how it's grown, how to cup, how to prepare coffee using various methods, and pretty much anything else you can think of involving coffee.  We are also here to teach you about equipment and how to use it.


I have been doing business for over 20 years.  I love to teach and my goal is pass my knowledge on to you.  When you work with us here at Hidden River Roasters we see your success as our success.  We'll cover topics such as structure, vision, financial management, marketing, and sales. 


2) Join a community:

It is our desire to bring all of our clients together to work together to share ideas, problem solve, and simply make it so that none of us feels alone as independent business owners.


3) The Best Coffee In The Universe:

Yeah I finally got to the coffee part.  You already know we have that and what you really want is someone to help procure and roast the best possible coffee beans to perfection for you as well as someone who has your back and will help you grow in the other not as fun parts of the business that we simply can't avoid.


Hidden River coffee is always 100% Arabica, Specialty grade, direct and/or fair trade coffee beans sourced from small farms and co-ops when at all possible.  We view our farmers as part of our family even though we have never met them.  They work so hard to bring us the absolute best possible beans each and every year so we feel that it is our responsibility to make sure they are taken care of to the best of our abilities!


Our coffee is always ROASTED TO ORDER!  This means that we don't have giant bins of roasted coffee sitting around a warehouse or even pre-packaged hoping that you order it.  Once you place your order we add it to next roast bill and we package it fresh.  We ship it immediately after fulfilling it so that it reaches you ready to go with the proper 96 hours of off-gasing completely or at least very close.


I know that you are thinking that all of this sounds very expensive, I am!  Well, it's not.  We include this for our customers and we have fought very hard to streamline process and procedure to keep the pricing of our wholesale coffees extremely competitive.  I don't want you to hope we are looking at big warehouse store pricing, they simply aren't doing what we are.  However, we aren't actually that far off.


If you are interested in becoming one of our wholesale partners then please click the link below.  I promise there will be no high pressure sales, we believe that if we are the correct fit for you then it will be an easy process.  Have an outstanding day!


Private Label:

Have you ever dreamed of having your own coffee company?  Would you love to promote your business to future or existing customers with your company's label on the best fresh roasted coffee? If the answer is yes to any of those then we have the product for you, private label coffee is where you sell the coffee and we do the rest of the work for you, we will roast, bag, label, and ship your coffee, for you, so you don't have to lift a finger to start your own coffee company because we already did it!

 Send us an email to:  We look forward to serving you!