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Fresh Roasted Arabica Coffee

The absolute best coffee, roasted from carefully grown Arabica beans, picked at their prime on the sun-kissed slopes of top-notch coffee regions. Our rich coffees carry hints of dark chocolate, toasted nuts, and fragrant spices, and many more flavors, giving you a coffee experience that goes beyond the everyday cup, and where you can find your Hidden River

Fair Trade and/or Direct Trade

Embrace the goodness in every cup of our coffee, knowing that it's not just a delicious blend but also a commitment to fairness—crafted through either fair trade or direct trade practices, ensuring that every bean contributes to the well-being of the farmers and their communities.

Come and Find Your Hidden River!

536 NE 5th Avenue - Camas, Washington

Mon - Fri 6:30am - 5pm

Saturday 7am - 5pm & Sunday 8am - 3pm