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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - (Light Roast) Roaster's Reserve
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - (Light Roast) Roaster's Reserve

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - (Light Roast) Roaster's Reserve

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, blueberry, honeydew, watermelon, milk chocolate

Style Whole Bean
Size 12oz

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We only use the highest grade 100% Arabica coffee beans from small farms in Ethiopia.  We focus on direct and or fair trade in order to make sure that those who take care of us are well taken care of themselves. 


Our Roaster's Notes

What a spectacular coffee!  This tiny package holds an unbelievable cornucopia of flavors that you won’t believe exist in a coffee bean.  The experience starts for this wonderful bean as soon as you open the package and inhale the aroma that emanates towards your nose.  With the first smell you have to double and even triple take to believe what you are smelling.  You may be tempted to dump the bag and search diligently for the blackberries and blueberries that are overtaking you.  Don’t do it, resist the urge, they aren’t actually in there.  Those are the flavors that have grown into the bean and have been brought to the forefront by our meticulous roasting process.  Now that you have cleaned up the mess, because I know you went digging, it is time to brew.  Those vibrant berry flavors will definitely fill your cup awaiting their opportunity to elevate your day!  A brief moment after those flavors soften a bit you will be gently engaged by a variety of sweet melons covered in a silky smooth milk chocolate!  This is real, and yes, you can handle it.

The Country

Often depicted as dry and barren land, Ethiopia has a climate and geography that varies greatly. In addition to mountainous areas, southwestern Ethiopia has savannas and rainforests. Originating from the mountains are many rivers including the well known Blue Nile. There are also some very fertile areas with beautiful lakes and valleys.

Fun Facts

80 million people belonging to many different ethnic groups, speaking their own languages make up the people of Ethiopia. The extended family is the focus of the social system that includes relatives on both sides as well as close friends. Often the husband’s parents will live with the nuclear family when they get older and can no longer care for themselves. Family needs are put before all other obligations, including business.

The Bean

Sidama, Yirgacheffe is a small region in southern Ethiopia where coffee beans thrive. The plants grow naturally thanks to its thick vegetation, healthy soil and high elevations. Mr. Tamrat Alemayehu processes this coffee. He was born and raised in Yirgacheffe. The washing station is named after him, Tamrat Alemayehu washing station. In 2019, the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea authority implemented a new regulation that washing stations owners or single farm producers can sell their coffee directly to the buyers without going through the Commodity exchange system (ECX). It opens up more direct-trade opportunities and we’re able to buy this beautiful coffee.