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Organic Nicaragua - (Medium Roast)

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Our new Organic Nicaraguan coffee is from Jinotega Paraiso.  This exciting new addition to our roasting line-up is sure to delight your palate with every wonderful sip.  You'll first notice an intoxicating aroma of milk to dark chocolate with a slight sweetness and a hint of plum that may make you wonder if you really are smelling such goodness.  Let me reassure you, you are!  When that sweet nectar contacts your palate you will notice that the flavors you smelled are reversed, yeah I know, mind blown!  Sweet juicy plum will show up closely followed by a caramel sweetness that hangs on long enough to say "hello, how are you doing?"  As that fades a delectable smooth chocolate will begin to envelope your taste buds and leave you with a smile from ear to ear.  This full-bodied coffee is incredibly smooth!  Brace yourself, that was only the first sip!  Please enjoy and never forget to find your Hidden River!