Honduras La Paz (Medium Roast) - Wholesale (Bulk/Per Pound)

Honduras La Paz (Medium Roast) - Wholesale (Bulk/Per Pound)

Tasting Notes: Our Honduras La Paz coffee has the slightest bit of sweetness to the flavors that pervade every sip.  As this beautiful black nectar makes its way across your taste buds you will notice the bold flavors of ripe sweet berries.  Following this burst of flavor, it settles itself into a wonderfully smooth and creamy mouthfeel accompanied by the decadent flavor of rich deep dark chocolate.  Yep, it really is that good! 

We only use the highest grade 100% Arabica coffee beans from small farms in Honduras.  We focus on direct and or fair trade in order to ensure that those who take care of us are well taken care of themselves.  This coffee will prove to be pleasing to every palate in search of an outstanding flavor sensation with an amazing array of flavors. 

Style Whole Bean

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