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Hidden River Coffee Club IN-STORE PICK-UP - 12oz - (From $13.75-$16.99)

Hidden River Coffee Club IN-STORE PICK-UP - 12oz - (From $13.75-$16.99)

Never run out of coffee again!

Receive fresh roasted coffee weekly, every other week or monthly.

100% specialty grade Arabica coffee beans.

See below for an example of how to order.

Coffee Mexico Organic (Medium Roast)
Bean Form Whole Bean

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Please read all the way to the end to as there is important information.

How To Subscribe to Our Coffee Club:

  1. Choose your coffee. (Please know that we have no control over the coffee farms, so if a farm runs out, so do we. This means that our coffees change from time to time.) Due to this fact, please check your subscription before it is due for pick up or to be shipped and make sure the coffee you want is chosen. If there is no coffee chosen, we will choose for you.
  2. Choose the quantity of coffee in 12 oz bags for each type of coffee you choose. (see example at bottom of screen.)
  3. Choose the frequency of your delivery – weekly, every other week or monthly
  4. Click - Add To Cart
  5. Please Note: Ground Beans will be ground for DRIP. If you would like a different grind please email your request to info@hiddenriverroasters.com.
  6. Make sure "In Store Pick Up" is selected
  7. Pay for your order.

Your credit card will be billed automatically. 

You can manage your account and change your preferences any time.

Prices vary depending on the bean. Please make changes to your subscription 2 days before the shipment or pick up date.


Prices are locked in as long as you remain a member in good standing and will not change as our prices change. To get these discounted prices you must subscribe for 3 months.

 For orders outside the United States, please contact us at info@hiddenriverroasters.com to discuss shipping.


Example: If you want 3 bags of coffee shipped every 2 weeks...

Choose the coffee you want: Honduras Copan Medium - Quantity 1 (Add to Cart)

Choose frequency - 2 weeks

Choose the next coffee you want: El Salvador - Quantity 2 (Add to Cart)

Choose frequency - 2 weeks