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El Salvador (Dark Roast)
El Salvador (Dark Roast)

El Salvador (Dark Roast)

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Honey, Nutty, Sweet

Style Whole Bean
Size 12oz

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Hidden River Roasters uses only the highest grade 100% Arabica coffee beans from small farms in El Salvador.  We focus on direct and or fair trade in order to ensure that those who take care of us are well taken care of themselves. 


Our Roaster's Notes

Confectioners eat your heart out!  If you are someone like me who adores the artisan results of a master confectioner then have I got a truly scintillating treat for you.  I want you to picture yourself standing over the vessel of a master chocolatier and staring intently on the swirling deep rich chocolate that is churning and mixing before your eyes.  As you get lost in the swirling wonder you’ll notice the chocolatier opening a glass jar of a sparking golden nectar that looks as though it was captured from the rays of the sun.  They dip an implement into the nectar and it instantly clings to the tool as though it were holding on for dear life.  The chocolatier lifts the implement swiftly and then carefully allows the sweet golden nectar to gently drizzle into the whirlpool of deep dark chocolate that has had you mesmerized for an unknown length of time.  The nectar appears to just keep coming, drizzling, and flowing as though there is no end to it.  Finally, the master chocolatier grabs a simple spoon, dips it into the sweet flow and offers it to you.  Of course you accept because, well, your breathing.  As you close your mouth around that spoon and the deep rich chocolate flows over your tongue and down your throat, warming you to the very core and flooding your mind with memories of every wonderful experience you have ever had you perk up and begin to look around for the honeycomb that you must have just eaten as well.  That is what you will experience when you dare to treat yourself to this outstanding coffee from El Salvador.

The Country

Known as "the land of volcanoes", El Salvador is a tropical, mountainous country in the center of Central America. The two volcanic ranges that run east to west presents incredible views and a little drama from time to time. The beautiful Pacific coastline offers mangroves, estuaries and tropical dry forests. While the size of Massachusetts, this country holds over 6.4 million people.

Fun Facts

Like Latinos everywhere, when it comes to music, Salvadoreños love to dance. Cumbria and salsa are popular as are local rock bands. The hip hop scene has exploded in recent years, brought over from the US and folk songs remain prevalent amongst the people. Traditional music was greatly influenced by the native cultures and the Spanish conquest. The xylophone is the national instrument and can be heard all over the country.

The Bean

This farm has been in the McEntee family for several generations. There are 80 permanent employees and during harvest, more than 210 individuals from the surrounding towns are employed to assist in the coffee harvest. One of the ways the farm gives back to the community is through holding medical conferences for the people of the area to help maintain and teach good health practices. They also distribute toys to local schools during the Christmas season. The mill on the farm was established 7 years ago. Washed, honey and natural processes are used at the mill as well as some experimental processes like “hydro” and anaerobic fermentation. Each trial has brought new insights and is leading to some interesting cup profiles! In addition to the wet mill, the farm has their own dry mill which is able to prepare the dried coffee for export. During the sorting process, 10 female heads of household oversee the manual separation of imperfect or poorly formed coffee beans to ensure quality!