Yirgacheffe — Banko Dhadhato — Fair Trade Organic


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Roast: Medium to Medium Dark

HRR cupping notes:  OUTSTANDING!  This is a coffee that we would say all other coffees could take some pointers from.  This is one of our favorites.  This unassuming bean will surprise you from the first sip and every one thereafter.  Its sweet aroma will fill the house.  The initial blast of flavor will treat you to a flavor explosion of numerous bright, exciting, and wonderful fruits.  Some might think that such an little bean couldn’t possibly have any more to give, and most other beans can’t maintain this initial intensity;  however, that is not the case here. It follows with a perfect mix of creamy milk and dark chocolates that would make any chocolatier jealous.  The smooth, velvety finish lets you down easily and prepares you for that next, inevitable sip.  This coffee will look you in the face and say, “You’re welcome” as the tears roll down your cheeks while looking at the bottom of your empty cup.

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Region: Yirgacheffe — Gedeo Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Regional State, Ethiopia

Grower: Banko Dhadhato Cooperative

Varietals: Indigenous heirloom cultivars

Altitude: 1750–2300 meters

Process: Washed

Certification: Fair Trade, Organic

From our importer: Banko Dhadhato “is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Banko Dhadhato Cooperative located in the village of Banko Dhadhato within the coffee region of Yirgacheffe in the Gedeo Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region, Ethiopia. The Banko Dhadhato Cooperative currently has 177 members. In 2010, the cooperative joined the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU), an umbrella organization established in 2002 to support a sustainable coffee supply from cooperatives in the Gedeo ethnic region of Ethiopia. There are twenty-six other cooperatives affiliated with the YCFCU totaling more than 45,000 members.

Importer’s cupping notes: Guava, Dark Chocolate, Black Tea, Lemon

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