Santa Cruz Comunidad — Costa Rica


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Roast: Dark

HRR Cupping Notes:  This is a wonderful coffee for a dark roast.  It is exceptionally smooth with a velvety full mouthfeel.  Due to the floral nature of the bean, the origin flavors still peer through the attributes of the darker roast that are sure to please your taste buds.  As you take that first sip, the smell of freshly crushed hazelnut will greet your senses and give way to flavors of smooth cacao. Subtle hints of orange zest and Marcona almonds follow. This exquisitely dense yet mellow coffee is sure to please all of you dark roast aficionados.


15 in stock


Costa Rica—El Poeta


Farm/Mill: Santa Cruz Comunidad/Palmichal Micro Mill

Varietals: Caturra

Altitude: 1400–1600 Meters

Palmichal Micro Mill is located in the Costa Rican Central Valley and the Tarrazu region. This mill strives to find the ideal process for each particular farm & varietal. It has patios for sun-drying and elevated beds for more rigorous drying. All this enables the mill to process coffees as washed conventional, varying grades of honey processes, and naturals.

Importer’s Caramel, Brown Sugar, Nutty

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Medium Dark, Espresso


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