Rwanda — Muhondo


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Roast: Medium and Dark

HRR cupping notes: This is a unique coffee. The fruit flavors really shine through at all roast levels. Cherry and raspberry are dominant with a hint of vanilla at medium roast, while darker roast levels bring out carob, cola, allspice and finish with fresh plum.

Location: -1° 48′ 16.956″ S    29° 53′ 20.652″ E

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Region: Northern Province, Gakenke District

Varietal: Bourbon

Elevation: 1700-2200 Meters

Muhondo washing station— located in the Gakenke district—became fully operated by Muhondo coffee company in 2013. The coffee is fully washed using natural spring water from the mountains and sun dried. Muhondo achieved 1st in the 2014 Rwanda Cup of Excellence and placed 3rd in the 2015 Rwanda Cup of Excellence.

Importers cupping notes: Red Grape, Caramel, Marshmallow

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