La Paz — Honduras


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Roast: Medium

HRR cupping notes: As you inhale the intoxicating vapor of your freshly prepared cup of loveliness you will notice an explosion (not a real one) of scented assault. Now sip, at first contact a perfectly ripened naval orange is going to envelope you brain. Within moments it will loosen it and allow the creamy sweetness of caramel to coat your palate and let you down gently with a wonderfully subtle butteriness.

10 in stock



La Paz

Process: Washed

Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai

Altitude: 1300–1600 meters

Grade: SHB EP

Certification: Direct Trade

This coffee is customized by Bon Cafe in San Pedro Sula. They have partnered with several small producers from Marcala, within the region of La Paz. This a blend of micro lots to create a regional coffee that embodies La Paz.

Importer’s Milk chocolate, creamy, dried fruit

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Medium Dark, Espresso


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