Kulaktik — Mexico


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Certified Organic and Direct Trade

Roast: Medium or Dark

HRR Cupping Notes: This is a fantastic coffee and a great daily drinker. It has a pleasant earthiness with undertones of hazelnut, peanut, and a bit of cacao nib. This is a smooth coffee that doesn’t fatigue the palate.

Importer’s Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Nutty, Citrus



Tenejapa, Chiapas

Farm: Kulaktik Cooperative

Varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Mundo Nuvo

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1600 Meters

Grade: SHG

farmers and harvesters from Kulaktik farmThese are some of the farmers and harvesters from Kulaktik farm. They are from Tenejapa in the state of Chiapas (which is in southern Mexico on the border with Guatemala). Many of the farmers in Chiapas are indigenous. Coffee is the primary cash crop in Chiapas and farming it dates back to the 19th century. The coffee trees are often grown in the shade of native trees at high altitudes. The region’s unique combination of biodiversity, altitude, rainfall, and volcanic soil make this a special coffee and one of our favorites.


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