Decaf Brazil


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Roast: Dark

HRR Cupping Notes:  The first sip greets you with vanilla before moving to raspberry cream. There is light caramel on the finish. We can’t believe this is a decaf coffee. If you drink decaf and feel like you are missing out, give this one a try.

14 in stock


Decaf Brazil


Elevation: 1200–1400M

Certification: Direct Trade

This bean goes through a Swiss Water® Process which uses water to remove the caffeine until the coffee beans are 99.9% caffeine-free. This process maintains the bean’s flavor. Swiss Water® Process decaffeinated coffee is environment-friendly and coffees decaffeinated in this manner are subjected to regular caffeine level audits to ensure compliance to the 99.9% caffeine-free standard.

Importer’s Chocolate, nutty, heavy body

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Medium Dark, Espresso


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