• Roast: Medium Dark or Espresso HRR Cupping Notes:  This coffee is very similar to our regular Costa Rican coffee. It's wonderful at a dark roast level.  Smooth with hints of salted caramel and cashews, this coffee is a pleaser. Chai spices on the nose during bloom continue into the brewed cup. All this in combination with a pleasant body, low acidity, and balanced presentation make for a wonderful coffee.
  • Roast: Medium to Medium Dark This coffee has been dried using the honey process. Don't be confused as there is no actual honey used in the process. This is the name used for when coffee is washed but some of the pulp layer (mucilage) remains. This layer is sticky like honey (thus the name) before it dries. This emphasizes different flavors when compared to natural (dried as picked) or washed (outer layers removed) processing. Importer's Cupping Notes: Caramel, Citrus, Floral, Nutty.
  • Certified Organic and Direct Trade Roast: Medium HRR Cupping Notes: This is a fantastic coffee and a great daily drinker. It has a pleasant earthiness with undertones of hazelnut, peanut, and a bit of cacao nib. This is a smooth coffee that doesn't fatigue the palate. Importer's Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Nutty, Citrus
  • Roast: Medium HRR cupping notes: As you inhale the intoxicating vapor of your freshly prepared cup of loveliness you will notice an explosion (not a real one) of scented assault. Now sip, at first contact a perfectly ripened naval orange is going to envelope you brain. Within moments it will loosen it and allow the creamy sweetness of caramel to coat your palate and let you down gently with a wonderfully subtle butteriness.
  • Roast: Dark HRR Cupping Notes:  This is a wonderful coffee for a dark roast.  It is exceptionally smooth with a velvety full mouthfeel.  Due to the floral nature of the bean, the origin flavors still peer through the attributes of the darker roast that are sure to please your taste buds.  As you take that first sip, the smell of freshly crushed hazelnut will greet your senses and give way to flavors of smooth cacao. Subtle hints of orange zest and Marcona almonds follow. This exquisitely dense yet mellow coffee is sure to please all of you dark roast aficionados.  
  • "At 9 years of age, Paulo Rezende lost his mother and soon became responsible for the house and took care of his brothers. He got a job on a farm to run the cafes in the yard. After many years of work, he has managed to buy the farm and started his coffee plantations. Currently, Paulo produces his lots with great effort, without the help of anyone. Gradually he is improving the structure of the farm and thinks about how to make high-quality coffees."