cappuccino on tableLet’s take a moment to dive into the world of cappuccinos.

What makes cappuccinos so unique and incredibly delicious? The secret is in the foam.

When you compare a cappuccino to a latte, you find that a standard cappuccino has about twice the amount of foam. Have you ever picked up a latte, and then a cappuccino? You may notice that cappuccinos are significantly lighter in weight.

Upon ordering a cappuccino here at Hidden River Roasters, we will ask if you’d like for it to be wet or dry. To have a wet cappuccino is to have it milkier with less foam—closer to a latte. To have a dry cappuccino is to have most of the drink contain foam. Once again, you can tell the difference by the weight of the beverage.

We strive to create cappuccinos that capture the various flavor layers of rich, sweet foam and bold notes from our in-house roasted Costa Rica espresso beans. Come in and try a flavored cappuccino such as hazelnut or vanilla. If added flavor isn’t your thing, we promise that our standard cappuccino is just as good. Looking forward to seeing you soon!