A latte is a simple and delicious way to enjoy espresso. What makes a latte distinct is that it consists of either espresso or tea, with milk (iced or steamed). The beauty of lattes is that they have the ability to be customized in various different ways. Get creative and try a latte…

  • Iced
  • Hot
  • Flavored
  • Blended
  • With caramel sauce
  • With cinnamon steamed into the milk
  • With alternative milk (oat, hemp, coconut, almond)
  • With tea
  • With extra espresso shots
  • With honey

One of our barista’s, Aria, enjoys lattes in a variety of ways…

“To begin, I love a good homey feeling latte. Seeing as I can’t have cow’s milk, these will all be with alternative milk.

I like a wet cappuccino with a Cubano flare. So that is basically a shot pulled with cinnamon and raw sugar then add extra foamy almond milk with cinnamon steamed into it. It’s rich and slightly sweet.

I also love a good ol’ lavender latte with hemp milk. I do half the lavender and occasionally add honey. It ought to be called a bumblebee latte.

I also just really love a spicy chai tea latte.”

Feel free to order a latte just the way you like it, here at Hidden River Roasters. We look forward to welcoming you!


Photo © Sarah Westendorf 2018