One of the things I love about warm weather is iced coffee. While cold brew gets most of the love, I haven’t always planned well enough in advance to have it ready to go when I’m wanting a quick, refreshing caffeine fix. So, most of the time I end up making Japanese style iced coffee. It’s quick, easy and—since I make pour over coffee most of the time—it’s doesn’t require extra effort.

This method is great because the coffee is quickly cooled as it drips over the ice. It tends accentuate any fruit flavors and creates a very refreshing cup of coffee. I really like it with medium roasts from Central America. I would recommend trying it with our Santo Domingo La Cascada, La Paz, or Hueheutenango coffees. If you like your iced coffee with milk, I’d recommend going with a darker roast and our Costa Rica.

I use a Hario v60 for pour overs, but you can use the same method for Melitta, Chemex, or any other sort of pour over/drip system. Below is how I make it.


  1. Add 100g (8–10) cubes into a glass
  2. Heat water (I prefer 205 degrees F) and rinse the paper filter
  3. Add 21g (about 2 tbls) of medium-fine ground coffee
  4. Wet grounds with 40-50g of hot water and let sit for 30 sec while coffee blooms
  5. Slowly add an addition 150g of hot water

This is what works for me, but just use it as a starting point. Play around with the amount of ice and the coffee/water ratio to adjust to your taste. If you find the coffee is bland and uninteresting, try a coarser grind. If the coffee seems overly sour, try a finer grind.

We’ll do post on cold brew soon as it’s also a delicious way to enjoy smooth, cold coffee.