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5 lb Colombia Decaffeinated - Sugarcane EA (Medium Roast) Roaster's Reserve

5 lb Colombia Decaffeinated - Sugarcane EA (Medium Roast) Roaster's Reserve

Tasting Notes: Cream, Honey, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla

Style Whole Bean

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We only use the highest grade 100% Arabica coffee beans from small farms in Colombia.  We focus on direct and or fair trade in order to make sure that those who take care of us are well taken care of themselves.


Notes From Our Roaster

Please allow me to introduce you to something that you would never expect, a decaffeinated coffee that you will love as much or more than your ultimate choice of craft roasted caffeinated coffee.  I know what you are thinking and up until now you would be right. Be prepared to joyfully admit defeat as you succumb to the overwhelming flavors of sweet cream and honey. When you lift your cup and take in the first sip of truly exquisite decaffeinated coffee it will blow your mind.  But wait, the experience is not over yet.  That one sip also carries with it a smooth and decadent flavor of milk chocolate and pure vanilla beans.  Yeah, it really is that good!

The Country

Alpacas have been a part of the Colombia landscape for over 9,000 years. Although too small for beast of burden work, their fleece is sought after for it’s light weight, delicate, cashmere like wool that comes in different shades of brown, black and white. Alpacas were also used in sacrificial ceremonial rituals according to archeological evidence.

Fun Fact

Colombia has many colorful festivals and traditions that occur throughout the year. A major focus are carnivals that feature music, wild parties, food, parades, costumes and dancing. The Indigenous, African and European roots blend together to create new traditions while keeping the old ones and creating a unique culture. 

The Bean

The best decaf starts with the best coffee! Beginning with a blend of multiple farms around the small town of Jerico in Antioquia, the coffee is put through a unique process to remove nearly all the caffeine while maintaining excellent flavor and complexity.

First, sugarcane is fermented and converted to EA (Ethyl Acetate), which is a naturally occurring compound and solvent that derives from the fermentation of the sugarcane.

When the coffee first arrives at the Decaf plant it is placed in big silos that give off a light steam. This is to open the pores of the beans to allow for easy extraction of the caffeine. It's also to remove the silver skin from the bean which can hinder the decaf process.

The green beans are then submerged into a tank filled with water and EA to begin the Decaf process. The EA naturally bonds with the compounds of the coffee, allowing for the decaffeination to occur.

The process takes about 24 hours and removes about 98-99% of the caffeine. The extracted caffeine is sold to energy drink companies or soda companies. The silver skin from the green bean that was removed is also used and sold as a fertilizer...a darn good fertilizer, too!