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12 oz Congo (Medium/Dark Roast) Roaster's Reserve

12 oz Congo (Medium/Dark Roast) Roaster's Reserve

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Tropical Fruits


Style Whole Bean

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We only use the highest grade 100% Arabica coffee beans from small farms in Brazil.  We focus on direct and or fair trade in order to make sure that those who take care of us are well taken care of themselves.


On a Mission!

Some of our coffees are extra special because they benefit the farmers even more than others. We work hard to find coffee that is not only delicious but make the world a better place.

“When they buy our coffee, they improve our living conditions and that also changes our work conditions. I’m happy and grateful for the customers that buy our coffee.” - Mr. Shukuru Shanguku – a Umoja farmer, speaking about you!


"We were born out of the Congolese peace movement by an international team of business leaders, coffee experts and innovators, community organizers and human rights defenders. Our journey starts with the desire to make a difference in the world."  

Our Roaster's Notes

Welcome to the exotic and misunderstood paradise of the Democratic Republic of Congo!  The Congo is one of those places that is cloaked in mystery and excitement for all those who dare to let their minds wander past it’s borders. This coffee is quite the same as the place it comes from.  It never ceases to please those who dare to explore the depth of its flavor and experience its bright and lovely personality.  This coffee will utterly sweep you off your feet as the first drink passes over your taste buds and floods the deep recesses of your soul with an inherent creaminess and sweetness of caramel created in the copper pots of truly legendary confectioners.  Following the oohs and aahs that come at the beginning your eyes will spark at the sudden, yet pleasant, introduction of tropical fruits, not just one in particular but a splendid blend of all of them as you are whisked away to the adventure of a trek through your entire mug of this specialty grade Congolese coffee that has been roasted to perfection!

The Country

One of the most important wilderness areas left on earth is the Congo basin. It is the second largest tropical rainforest at 500 million acres. There are nearly ten thousand species of tropical plants in the Congo Basin and 30 percent are unique to the region. The lush forests are home to endangered wildlife, such as forest elephants, chimpanzees, bonobos, and lowland and mountain gorillas. In the Congo Basin, Four hundred other species of mammals, 1,000 species of birds and 700 species of fish can also be found.

Fun Facts

There are more than 200 African ethnic groups that live in Congo. More than half the population of 98 million people is rural with most living in scattered villages. In the 10 years these farmers have been growing specialty coffee cooperatively, the sale of Umoja has helped to improve the living conditions of its members, providing schooling, housing, jobs and reducing coffee smuggling on Lake Kivu, while promoting women’s and pygmy rights. Umoja producers won the SCAA sustainability award

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Coffee has always been an important industry for the Congo. However, this resource rich country lacked stability and infrastructure due to years of civil war. This is changing with some excellent groups helping export beans and improve the lives of farmers. This is one of our unique beans that not only tastes like heaven but changes lives with every bag purchased. Not only do you get the opportunity to experience this spectacular coffee, roasted to perfection, but you get to enjoy knowing that you are changing lives on the other side of the planet. This coffee used the washed process. The company we get these beans from was founded in 2018, is women and minority owned and takes care of people and the planet. What else is there?!