12 oz Brazil Decaffeinated (Medium/Dark Roast)

12 oz Brazil Decaffeinated (Medium/Dark Roast)

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut

Style Whole Bean

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We only use the highest grade 100% Arabica coffee beans from small farms in Brazil.  We focus on direct and or fair trade in order to make sure that those who take care of us are well taken care of themselves.


Our Roaster's Notes

The flavors of light berries and a hint of chocolate are sure to make you smile in this easy drinking and smooth coffee. You won't even know it's decaffeinated except for the missing jitters. Even though the flavors are light and soft they will not leave you wanting.

The Country

The statue of Christ the Redeemer was completed in 1931 and stands 98 feet tall and 92 feet wide. Made of reinforced concrete and clothed in a mosaic of thousands of triangular soapstone tiles, the idea took almost 100 years to come to fruition. In the 1850s the Vincentian priest Pedro Maria Boss suggested placing a Christian monument on Mount Corcovado to honor Isabel, princess regent of Brazil and the daughter of Emperor Pedro II, but the project was never approved. In 1921 the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro proposed that a statue of Christ be built on the summit because it would be visible from anywhere in Rio. Citizens petitioned to allow the construction of the statue and permission was granted. Soon a competition was held to find a designer, and engineer Heitor da Silva Costa was chosen because of his sketches of a figure of Christ holding a cross in his right hand and the world in his left. The statue was dedicated on October 12, 1931.

Fun Facts

The fishing activity generates a GDP of 5 billion BRL, mobilizing 800,000 professionals among fishermen and fish farmers, and provides 3.5 million direct and indirect jobs. The Brazilian potential is enormous, and the country can become a major producer of fish and seafood. Most fishermen pass their trade down to their sons and are called self-made fishermen. They work in the ocean, rivers, lakes, and manguezais, and they are actually part of the country’s culture.

The Bean

Brazil is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water decaffeinating technique which is environmentally friendly, chemical-free, and 99.9% caffeine-free which allows for a large percentage of the flavor to be preserved. Thanks to this process, our premium quality decaf coffee tastes phenomenal, provides all of the health benefits of regular coffee, such as antioxidants, liver and cardiovascular protection, makes your brain run better, and even helps prevent gout.