Welcome to part 2 in our Brewstructions series on the wonders of french press coffee. I felt it important to add some authentic French to the section header so that you would really understand the true nature of the french press brewing method.

I love this method for times when I don’t feel like firing up the espresso machine, but I want to share an exquisite extraction of coffee grandeur with my wife.  This method is great for many of our coffees and the Santo Domingo is especially outstanding when brewed this way. Follow the same procedure for weighing out your beans (see our previous article if you forgot), however we are going to use 50 grams of coffee ground at the most coarse (a.k.a. biggest coffee grounds) setting of your burr grinder.  Because the water is in contact with the grounds for a longer period of time, we need a coarser grind (explanation to come in a future post).  While you are weighing out your beans and getting the grinder phase completed, put a tea kettle filled with a little over 750 grams of water on the stove to boil.

We are not going all the way to phase change on the water for this one, just 200 degrees Fahrenheit, at the first point you see steam from the kettle will be close enough, or if your awesomeness is peaking and you have a high temperature thermometer you can nail the temp smack on.  After your water reaches 200 degrees, pour the little bit extra that you heated in the French press and wait a minute to get it warmed up.  Now it’s time.

French Press Instructions
  1. Pour out the prep water and add the coarsely-ground 50 grams of coffee to the press.
  2. Then—in a circular pattern working your way out from the center—add the 750 grams of water to press and loosely place the top of the press on. DO NOT press the plunger/filter down.
  3. Set a timer for four (4) minutes.
  4. After the first minute, give the grounds and water a stir.
  5. Let it sit for the remaining three minutes and then firmly and slowly press the plunger on your press down until it stops.
  6. Carefully pour your brew into your favorite cup (probably one our Hidden River Roasters mugs—on sale soon!) and allow yourself to drift on down your Hidden River further and further from the cares of life with every sip.