Brewstructions Series — Our version of the perfect brews.

Perfect Drip (even coffee aficionados sometimes NEED more than one cup)

After many trials—and an equal number of sometimes tasty and sometimes not errors—we have arrived at a secret formula for the perfect pot of coffee for you to share with only those you care about (grumpy people included because they need it even more than you). To your top quality drip coffee machine (I will give my recommendations for these beauties in another post) add 96 fl. oz. of cold, preferably filtered water. After you have filled the brewer to the 12 cup line—perhaps a few ounces more will be fine as you will lose a few to the greedy grounds—take out your trusty counter top scale and make sure to set it to grams. Yep, that is metric and better for more precise coffee measuring.

Now, place a small clean receptacle, I use the coffee filter, on top of the scale and push the tare button to zero it out. Add 57 grams of whichever Hidden River Roasters coffee that you love and can’t live without to the receptacle. Go ahead. We’ll wait.  Okay, now set your burr grinder (I also explain why a burr grinder in another post) to the middle grind level. On mine it’s 5.  Grind them beans into the pre-nectar of heaven form.  I think you can figure out what to do from here so I am not going to tell you because we believe in you.  If you’ve come this far, dare to take the next steps toward true happiness. If it’s not quite perfect, you may need to adjust your grind for the next pot. Go coarser if the coffee seems flat and lacks interest. Go finer if the coffee seems a bit tart/sour for your taste.