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Our Story

We are two families who joined together to make the dream of Hidden River Roasters a reality.

Brandon first dreamed of starting a premiere coffee roastery in 2015 after his wife gave him his first home coffee roaster for Christmas.  In 2016 after becoming obseessed with roasting coffee at home, the passion for drawing out the delicious flavors held within coffee beans could no longer be contained.  Brandon decided to start a small side business selling craft roasted specialty grade coffee beans. He purchased a professional grade roaster and built a roast shack in his backyard.

One day, Brandon shared his coffee beans with his friends, Dave and Holly Metzner.  The Metzner’s were coffee lovers who had long been searching for the best beans, but felt disappointed because they couldn’t find what they wanted. When they tasted Brandon’s coffee, they loved it so much that Dave off handedly said, “if you ever want to open a coffee shop, we’re in.”

Not long after, Brandon called Dave and said, “I got a place, are you in?”  Brandon and Dave, along with their wives and children started the renovation the next day…and the rest is history.

Hidden River Roasters opened our doors for business January 19, 2018. Our customers doubled in the first year of business! We love Camas and are so pleased to find that Camas loves our coffee!

The Story Behind Our Name

One day I (Brandon) was driving home from work, deep in thought from an extraordinarily taxing day and something caught my eye. I peered over the side of the small bridge that I cross on my way home and I was awestruck. I slammed on the brakes and whipped the truck around in a full 180, rubber flying, tires screeching, smoke billowing, and small forest creatures screaming in terror (poetic license has been taken here). As I approached what is usually just a connection point between two lakes, I noticed that there was a small yet powerful river rushing swiftly below. I realized that it had always been there, but usually the water was so deep that it was not visible—a hidden river. I must have stared at it for over twenty minutes, lost in thought, as the day washed away. As I walked back to my truck it dawned on me that this was just one of my hidden rivers. I have places all around the world where I have been able to sit and get lost in thought as these hidden rivers wash away all my cares.

Our brains have the power to transport us to places and events in our memory when triggered by one of our five senses. Something as simple as the smell of a flower, a view of the ocean, or a sip of coffee can cause the limbic system to fire and flood our brain with chemicals and transport us back in time. It can cause a memory to be so overwhelming that we feel as though we are actually reliving it. This is our goal for the coffee we roast. When sipping it, we want our coffee to transport you to those moments of peace—those hidden rivers—where you can escape for a moment from the grind and the busyness of life.

Part of our joy in life is searching for and finding these hidden rivers. We sincerely hope that we can inspire you to find your hidden rivers, no matter what that looks like or where they may be. We also hope that sharing your hidden rivers will help to inspire others to get out and find theirs, because it’s no secret that we could all use a few moments each day to get lost in thought at our hidden river. When you find or visit one of your hidden rivers, we would love to hear about it. Please take a picture with our coffee while you are there and send a bit of information about your hidden river to share on our website.

May you find joy searching for your hidden rivers!

Brandon, Aaron, and David

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